A marketing assistant is a person who helps

The internet has opened up the world to a new demographic of users. The vast amount of data generated by social media and mobile devices has made a new generation of internet users very creative. They are now able to share what they think about a product or service and this can be useful for marketers as well as businesses.

Marketing online is not just about marketing, it is also about how we develop relationships with consumers and how we respond to customer feedback. Marketing should be an activity that involves both the customer’s experience and the company’s response to those experiences.

Using AI in marketing is a good way for companies to create better customer experiences by making better use of data from different sources (social media, email) and applying machine learning techniques in order to make their products or services more attractive or relevant on.

In today’s world of marketing, it is always about reaching out to the right target. A successful marketing strategy needs information.

The research tells us that people are more likely to engage with marketers if they have a clear understanding of the benefits and weaknesses of their target audience. If we want to know how people will react when presented with the information, then it is important for us to develop a deep knowledge of who our consumers are, what their values and preferences are, and what motivates them in particular. So that we can not only deliver an appropriate message but also understand why they may or may not choose our product or service over another one. At MobyData we have been working on these kinds of knowledge in all areas: customers’ behavior in different situations (routes through sales staff),