We need to do more than just drive traffic to our website

We also need to drive traffic back to the site and generate new users. Social media is one of the most effective ways of doing this.

The main purpose of social media is not only to promote your brand and get visitors, but also as a way of interacting with them:

According to the recent statistics, most consumers are using less than 5% of their time online. Our biggest problem is that we use our time in social media without any real reason. We may not have a clear idea of what they are intended for.

Marketers need to launch and sustain their campaigns through social media. However, if the content produced is uninteresting, the campaign may not have a good return on investment. This can be prevented by using AI writing tools which generates interesting, relevant and enthusiastic content on a given topic.

AI writing assistants like Google Translate for instance have been used to help clients write global marketing campaigns as well as local marketing campaigns in specific geographical areas. They can also translate personal emails from one language to another in real time with zero errors. The applications of AI writing assistants expand every day – from translating words into new languages (like spanish) to virtual assistants that could take care of the household while we are out of the country or even just stay at home while we are sleeping – they are still a very nascent field due.